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Founded on May 4, 2007, since the previous activity of Giuseppe Fiorentin, which dates back to 7 January 1992, FG sas brings to the many years of experience in the field of spraying, innovation and technological innovations, with the introduction of new members.

Giuseppe, formerly the technical manager of one of the largest spraying companies in the world, takes up the profession by setting up a company focused on customer service, technical expertise and attention to detail.

With FG sas, these founding values ​​are passed on and the skills and novelties of young people are passed on.

The company that boasts many young people and graduates in its staff also makes use of prestigious external consultancy and best market professionals to keep up-to-date and offer the customer an innovative product.

With the introduction of new technologies, solid modeling, three-dimensional design and CAD simulation. FG improves the quality of its components and its products.

Within the Breganze production plant, efficiency and quality combine using the best market technologies and the highest state of the art.