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  • Calibrator measures independently and quickly each nozzle flow rate. Supplied with two adapters for different types of heads.


  • Calibrator measures independently and quickly each nozzle flow rate
  • The sprayer calibrator with range between 0 – 3,8 l/min for quick and simple flow measurement for field crops nozzles


  • Liquid dispensed resetting. Measurement in liters o US Gallons
  • Typical error approximation 0,5% – of full scale ±1 digit
  • Operating pressure up to 40 bar. Power supply 11÷15 Vdc Output pulse 0-12 Vdc proportional frequency to reach maximum consumption of 300 mA Signal emission only with fluid in motion
  • Available with threaded nylon reinforced with glass fiber (20 bar) or brass (40 bar) Parts touching the fluid are made of polypropylene and stainless steel 316, supplied with fittings and case
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter with no mechanical moving parts, No sensitivity to fluid density and viscosity, low sensitivity to turbulence, low maintenance, instantaneous flow display,supplied or loaded in the tank. Tank loading amount setting